Plastaffald fra HOFOR case

HOFOR and Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S find value in plastic waste.

That waste is a resource that can be worth a lot of money is clearly shown with the new collaboration between HOFOR and AVL. In addition to the financial savings, the parties can also enjoy lower CO2 emissions.

At the end of the summer of 2015, Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S was contacted by Sune Thyge Ryssel, Project Manager within Resources at HOFOR A/S in Copenhagen, which is Denmark’s largest supply company and has several renovation projects for their water mains every year. For these projects, PE-HD pipes with PP caps are used. Thus, HOFOR would like to see – on an experimental basis – how much the PE-HD residues (pipe stubs and the like) constitute, and how the actual disposal of these could take place in an environmentally sound way.

Success from first load

It all became a reality in April 2016, and in May, two pieces of 30 m3 maxi containers for collection PE-HD-pipes were delivered. At present, several loads of pipe have already been collected in connection with HOFOR’s project, after which they are reprocessed, processed and refined at Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S.

We can conclude that the collaboration between HOFOR and Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S is a success! Just one load has resulted in over 10 tonnes of “new” plastic resource that would otherwise have been thrown away, incinerated or exported out of the country as waste. I.e. a financial saving, no waste of resources, reduced CO2 emissions combined with circular economy.