U2Match – 3D filament made from 100% recycled plastic

AVL is a leader in the Nordic region within the recycling of plastics. Today, plastics are resold in the form of granules, grounds, and powders. With U2Match®, AVL will transform plastic waste into filament that is used for 3D printing and thereby achieving greater value creation internally in the company.​

The 3D printing industry is young and rapidly growing. It provides business opportunities in being able to utilise plastic waste in a completely new way. 3D printing has the advantage in that it is easy to adjust in the design without spending a minor fortune on a mould that you see in injection moulding. However, there is a lack of technical documentation and management tools for companies at present that make plastic items from 3D printing. Filament made from 100% recycled plastic is also non-existent – hence, the entire core of the project.

The above-mentioned lack of documentation results in uncertainty and a huge amount of waste among producers as well as private consumers. The uncertainty here is about the fear of being left with a final product that does not comply with the technical properties and thereby also not being able to verify the properties of the final product in relation to strength on various parameters.

In parallel with the rapid development within 3D printing, there is a necessary focus on being able to use recycled plastic, both to reduce the environmental footprint and to reduce the amount of waste. ​

With U2Match, we will focus on giving the waste plastic a new life in the form of filament – and we ​will impart the missing documentation on the connection between the properties of the filament and the desired end product, including the provision of better management​ tools to the users of 3D printers.​

U2Match. Plastic waste transform into filament made from 100% recycled plastic that is used for 3D printing.

3D print in 100% recycled plastic.