Fine milling

Fine milling refers to the process whereby the plastic is shredded, either by fine crushing or milling, to a particle size that is similar to powder.
The powder is usually used for rotational moulding, master-batch production or for compounding.
The production process is performed in a powder mill, where the material is cut into tiny pieces between two plates with some very fine blades. The mills we use have 1,440 blades distributed across 160 segments.
Each mill is controlled and regulated with our own, specially developed software, obtained from some logarithmic calculations based on the current status of the plant/mill.

Our 5-segment mills and 2 blade mills guarantee both the capacity and flexibility of milling various types of polymer.
We can deliver fine milling in a fineness of 2,500 – 500 μ.
The finished powder can be packaged in Octabins, bigbags, plastic or paper bags at the customer’s request.

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