Laboratory services

Recuperated rubber produced by Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S is subject to a comprehensive quality control, where the traceability of the raw material is crucial. Quality control takes place before, during and after the production of the finished product. A sample is taken of each production unit and is used for the final quality approval. All samples are archived for a minimum of 3 years. The level of quality control in connection with contract work is agreed with the customer. Several different types of analysis are used for quality control. Contact the sales department for more information and prices. 

The laboratory analyses:

All tests are carried out in cooperation with our customers.

These include, e.g.:
Mechanical properties: Physical properties:
* Tensile test * MFI, melt flow properties
* Impact strength * Density
Thermal properties: * Particle Distribution
* DSC thermal analysis * Moisture measurement
* DSC, oxidative analysis * Shore A+D
Other equipment:  Chemical composition:
* Desiccant * FT-IR analysis
* Vacuum dryer * XRF analysis
* Crusher  
* Laboratory extruder for producing test compounds
* Injection moulds for the production of test subjects

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