Operation Clean Sweep

What is Operation Clean Sweep?

Operation Clean Sweep is an international initiative developed by the American Industry Associations, The Society of the Plastics Industry and The American Chemistry Council. Operation Clean Sweep aims to combat spillage by manufacturing companies of plastic granules into the environment, and to ensure that the industry takes responsibility. Several hundred plastic companies around the world are already Operation Clean Sweep partners.

When a company signs up for Operation Clean Sweep, it agrees to organise its business in a way that avoids spillage of granules. It also agrees to train staff to ensure that they maximise the prevention of any spillage and that they collect, clean and dispose of any spilled plastic in an environmentally responsible manner. Signing up for Operation Clean Sweep also requires the company to audit its own performance on a regular basis, and encourages business partners to work towards the goal of zero wastage of plastic granules.

In practice, Operation Clean Sweep works by using low-tech but effective solutions. This includes installing grates in drains to ensure that plastic granules cannot get through and having vacuum cleaners/brushes anywhere in production areas where spillage can occur. Providing staff training and instilling a sense of responsibility among all staff are also key cornerstones in rolling out the initiative. Everyone in the company has a shared responsibility in ensuring that no plastic from production ends up in the environment.

Several hundred plastic companies around the world are already Operation Clean Sweep partners - including the Danish companies LOGSTOR, dantoy and the LEGO Group.

You can read more about Operation Clean Sweep here

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