Regeneration refers to the process in which the plastic is regenerated into new plastic, which can be used as a new raw material in the plastics industry, often on an equal footing with virgin plastic. In this process, the shredded plastic is cleaned and mixed, additives are added and then the plastic is melt filtered and pelletized to a new raw material.

Our 10 extrusion machines with pelleting, degassing/vacuum and filtering, guarantee great flexibility and capacity for both small and large orders, and our Screw: 85-180 mm/35-40 LD guarantees optimal dispersion. There is also the option to add ancillary materials as well as dyeing.

Capacity: 25– 1,000 kg/h

Regeneration with Gneuss filter

In order to meet the market’s wish to recycle very challenging types of plastic with higher quality, we have added a filter on one of our extrusion lines. This allows us to process highly polluting plastic to a greater degree than was technically feasible previously. The Gneuss filter ensures that the contaminants are filtered out, so that the raw material/granules once again become a clean product that can be recycled again and again. Watch the short film

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