Contract work and btb

Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S can offer to collect companies’ plastic waste and then reprocess the plastic waste to produce a new, high-quality raw material (for sale of plastic waste without return, refer to procurement). Depending on the type of reprocessing requested, we can grind, regenerate, pulverise, optimise properties and sort our customer’s plastic waste according to density.

Basically, we take in plastic waste and reprocess it into a valuable resource for our customers. The cleaner the waste fraction delivered to us, the better the quality of the recycled plastic granulate.


When the recycled plastic granulate is returned to the customer, we provide all the necessary documentation in the form of technical data sheets with relevant information.

If you have questions about our contract work or any other queries, please contact our sales team for information and prices.

Our priority is to deliver the best possible quality of raw material made of recycled plastic, so that it can be reused repeatedly, in other words, the core concept behind the circular economy.

Example of a technical data sheet