We have two washing and sorting plants

The first and largest can process 5,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually and will save the environment CO2 emissions of more than 12,000 tonnes compared to if the 5,000 tonnes of plastic waste were to be incinerated.

In brief, the plant consists of

  • A crushing plant
  • A magnetic belt for separating iron and metal
  • A rough density sorting machine
  • A friction washer
  • A fine grinding machine
  • A density sorting machine
  • A washer and dryer

This washing and sorting plant is based on fresh water. The second and most recent plant is based on density sorting in saline, which provides other and additional fraction sorting options. Both plants entail that less Danish plastic waste is sent for incineration or exported abroad. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced due to less incineration of plastic waste and that the waste no longer has to be transported out of Denmark.

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