SDS and Reach


The safety data sheet describes the risk posed with working with the chemical or products. In this way, the safety data sheet must enable the user of the chemical or product to take the necessary precautions to ensure health and safety in the workplace. A safety data sheet must disclose hazards associated with the use of the chemical substance or product, which is described through 16 points relating to hazard labels, health, environment, first aid, fire and protective equipment.


REACH is the EU’s common chemical legislation (EC No 1097/2206). It aims to ensure that the chemicals used in the EU are documented with regard to human or environmental safety. REACH aims to ensure that the approx. 100,000 different types of chemicals used in the EU do not pose a danger to humans and the environment. REACH went into effect in 2007. It requires companies to register chemicals and imposes restrictions and prohibitions on chemicals.

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Declaration regarding REACH obligations

REACH stands for:

  • R: Registration
  • E: Evaluation
  • A: Authorisation
  • of CH: Chemicals