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Tv-indslaget som Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S har medvirket i.

Project coloured garden furniture

White plastic furniture in one container and coloured ones in another. The recipe for a new recycling project in Aalborg Municipality is so simple.

Plastic has for a long time been both a threat to the environment as well as a very precious resource because it has been difficult to recycle. But a new plastic project from northern Jutland is going to change that.

By sorting plastic garden furniture into coloured and non-coloured furniture at the recycling centres, companies have a much better possibility to recycle the plastic – it can be both a really good business and good for the environment. 

See the full TV segment on TV2 Nord.

Tv-indslaget som AVL har medvirket i.


STRANDET.Lab is tackling the tons of plastic waste that every year washes ashore along the beaches of northern Jutland.

The initiative is praised by Franz Cuculiza, CEO at Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S in Mariager, who is working with the recycling of plastic.
In Denmark, we have 300,000 tons of plastic that is not recycled, but is instead incinerated or exported.
That is where we must start. This must be sent for recycling. “This attitude must be instilled in all of us”, says Mr Cuculiza. 

See the full TV segment on TV2 Nord.

Plastprisen 2009

A Mariager company recycles something that we and many companies throw out – namely plastic.

In 2009, the company won the Plastic Prize, the Danish Plastics Federation’s most prestigious award.

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