This is a thoroughly fantastic case, because the plastic bag contains no less than 24,000 litres of wine – which translates into 32,000 bottles or 8,000 pieces of bag-in-box.

Hillebrand, a transport supplier to many different bottlers in Denmark, is part of the value chain that can and will make a difference when it comes to recycling plastic and lowering the impact of CO2 as much as possible.

The large bag of wine, also called the flexitank, weighs approx. 70 kg when emptied. The process is that the flexitank arrives in Denmark from the many different wine-producing countries in a completely standard 20” container. The wine from the flexitank is then poured into a steel container until the final bottling in either a bottle or bag-in-box.

After emptying, the flexitank is pressed into bales and sent to us, where we have various processes to ensure the highest possible quality of the recycled flexitank.

In all its simplicity, the concept is quite ingenious and with approx. 1,800 pieces per year of these very special food contact approved bags at 70 kg per piece, it amounts to a certain quantity of saved CO2 and plastic for recycling.


Vin tank

Flexitank contains no less than 24,000 litres of wine.