Naturally, recycling centres are an important partner for us in trying to increase the recycling rate of plastic in Denmark. Traditionally, it is not a significant share of the plastic from recycling centres that we in Denmark have succeeded in recycling. But there has been a greater focus from all sides of society to recycle the resources we previously threw out, incinerated or exported out of the country as waste.

The better the sorting of plastic, the higher price we can pay for the plastic. It is therefore of the utmost importance that there is a close communication between us, the municipality and the employees at the recycling centres about the best possible means of handling and sorting the plastic. We gladly take part in the consultancy to “find the gold in your plastic waste” by jointly figuring out the most optimal sorting of the plastic so that it achieves the highest possible value.

We also have the opportunity, through our plastic academy, Cirkla, to offer “hands-on” training in the different types of plastics and sorting criteria. The training may take place externally – i.e. at your location or at the academy in Mariager, which is part of Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S.

If you want more information about our possibilities to help you make a difference, both in terms of CO2 and the economy, you are always welcome to contact:

Cirkla® – Academy of Plastic Recycling: Britta Fischer Mogensen at e-mail: