Team leader for sales and procurement, Marlene Svoldgaard and marketing and business development Gitte Buk Larsen.

Based on our expertise and experience with recycled plastics, we are committed to producing the solutions and specific requests our customers demand, while also helping our customers and suppliers to achieve a more environmentally friendly product.

By using recycled plastics in new production processes, the environment is saved from CO2!

You are more than welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about our customised solutions.

An example of a customised solution

In 2012, we were contacted by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vacuum dustbags, as they were seeking to find a new supplier to supply high quality recycled plastic to the collar of their dustbags.

They had been trying to find a supplier that met their quality requirements for a long time. The first meeting in 2012 was about the quality requirements, the balancing of expectations and the transparency of the production processes. At the end of the year, we delivered four different compounds with associated data sheets, of which one was selected and approved. In 2013, we delivered the first full load of recycled plastic. In 2018, we sold recycled plastic equivalent to 24,500,000 pieces of collar for bag fronts. Sales have been increasing steadily and the close relationships with the manufacturer mean that we are embarking on a new adventure together here in 2019.