This part of our business is not just about recycled plastic, but also about special tasks within processing of new products.

Here it is possible to recycle your own production waste/defective items as the material was originally or have some parameters changed via compounding, e.g. increased impact resistance or change of colour. In other words, we offer an optimal solution to reduce waste/cuts by processing it in order to remain a high-quality raw material (when selling plastic waste/cuts/defective items without return, see procurement). Depending on the desired property for the raw material form, the reprocessing can be grinding, regeneration, and fine milling. We also have the possibility of density sorting most thermoplastic raw materials, which makes it possible to separate into several fractions.

In other words, we process your plastic waste/defective items and reprocess it to continue to remain as a valuable resource. The recycled plastic is processed so that it can be recycled over and over again – in other words, the core concept behind a circular economy and value chain collaboration.

B2B – Virgin plastic

We perform several different compounding tasks for plastic producing companies that need specific properties in the end products. This can be, for example, by adding wood (the end product is thereby WPC – Wood Plastic Compound) or by adding BaSo, most often to increase the density.  In addition, we have a number of tasks in our milling facility, where we grind plastic on two types of mills (pin and segment) depending on the type of plastic, primarily from raw material suppliers and masterbatch manufacturers.


When you as a customer need to have your goods returned, we of course provide the necessary documentation in the form of technical data sheets with relevant information. You can see an example of a standard data sheet (create link) here.

If you have any questions about our contract work/B2B or are facing a new challenge that you believe we can help you with, you are more than welcome to contact our sales team for information and prices.

Our focus is to always deliver the best possible quality no matter what the raw material is.

Example of a technical data sheet