We do what we are best at – namely recycling plastic! We have almost 50 years of company experience within various solutions when it comes to getting the recycled plastic to such a high quality that the plastic can be recycled over and over again and we work continuously to ensure the highest quality and are ISO 14001/9001/5001 certified.

In total, our staff has over 700 years of experience with regeneration of plastic. Our experience and knowledge within plastics will always be reflected in our products, regardless of whether it is ground, regenerated or finely ground, and thus benefit our customers. Among other things, this is achieved with the help of our laboratory, where we test the materials both upon arrival, during the various processes in the production and of course the final product before it is sent out. Technical data sheets are made in general and of course at batch level if desired. All samples are stored for three years.

We are a company that always aims to be at the forefront of development and covers the breadth of the plastic-producing companies. We are capable of supplying recycled plastic for: injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, Freeform Injection Moulding (FIM) and rotational moulding both as a general standard and as a special customised compound.

All our processes are also offered as contract work.

Our recycled plastic is purchased from plastic manufacturing companies (post industrial waste) and plastic consuming companies including recycling sites (post-consumer waste) and we expect during autumn/winter 2020 to be able to present a product programme based on household sorted waste.

We have specialised in recycling plastic and our core competencies include:

  • Compoundering
  • Fine milling
  • Grinding
  • Regeneration
  • Washing and sorting
  • Agglomerator / agglomeration
  • Customzied solutions

We are always ready to have a non-binding talk about plastic and what opportunities we can offer.

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